Monday, September 6, 2010

Time for Game 2

I'm going to briefly discuss the Myrtle Beach Tech game and then move on to Marshall.

*I thought the kickoff coverage was good.
*Tavon Austin has another gear that makes everyone else on the field look like they are in lead shoes.
* Geno only made one bad was real bad but only one.
*No improvement on the Oline at all and the right side is yet again an achilles heel. Lil Daddy got stuffed behind the line many times and this is the worst team we will play.
* speaking of the right side of the line, why would we run a key 3rd down play to the short side of the field on that side. Thankfully we got the TD on 4th.
*No pass rush and when we did blitz they burnt us like they knew exactly which blitz was coming.

Marshall isn't that good, but they are better than these guys. I'm not worried yet, but in order for this season to be a success we will have to run on teams. Lets hope for improvement on Friday night.