Friday, July 30, 2010

Gone but not forgotten

I haven't been around for awhile, but I was around for all the events of the spring. The final four trip was epic and almost like a dream. The played in the town I live, then Syracuse, then decided to have their worst game of the season in the final four. I'm still proud of them, but that showing was a little disappointing. The morning after was rough to say the least and as I sat with heater outside the hospital hotel we were staying at, a UCONN fann came up to me. He rambled off a bunch of shit I can't remember, but the one thing I do remember is that he said that was not Big East Basketball. I could not disagree. Oh well.........I'm over it now and it was a hell of a run.

Since then we have had what was equivalent to the bay of pigs in college football. Texas playing in the PAC 10, Rutgers in the Big 10, and TAM in the SEC. All talk as usual, but I think we know that changes are on the horizon. I honestly fear for my school, since all of this is being by TV markets and no matter how well we do in both sports its just too small of sate to hole any weight. Time will tell.

The new season is a different one, and for the first time since 2005 there is not a Pat White or Jarret Brown under the center. Its pretty easy to point out that Geno's health and play is the key to the season since his backups have ran about as many plays in college as I have. Unfortunately he seems to be injury prone at least when ATV's or pickup basketball games are involved. However I just want to go over a few guys that I think we should keep our eyes on this year.

*Julian Miller....our secondary is good and he will have that extra time to get to the QB. By far our best pass rusher, if he can get some timely sacks this year it could be breakout time for him. I know he had 9 last year, but that was skewed since I think he got about half of them in the 4th qtr of the Louisville game. Look for that to improve.

*Tyler Urban......I know this was a pick last year, but JB had a tendancy to look down his first option and throw it there........just watch the Auburn game or FSU one. I think Geno is much different and he will scramble with his head up and find that open man. I honestly think Tyler catches 4 TD's this year.

*Donny Barclay...our best lineman I think we will be a left hand running team this year with the occasional naked boot to the aformentioned TE to the right side. Donny seals the end, Noel bounces it outside and all that is left is 7 for 6.

I'll do the season outlook later........good to be back.