Monday, August 30, 2010

Game 1

I decided not to preview the season since I really have no idea. I think its pointless at this point. I can sum the first one up in just a few words. We need to dominate. Since the Fiesta Bowl last year we really have only beaten one team badly, and that was Syracuse last year. So here are some things I think you should look forward and could prove to be a look ahead for the rest of the season.

*Our O line needs to dominate. If Lil' Daddy gets stuffed more 5 times behind the line of scrimmage you might as well make plans for the week of the LSU game prepare to be in Birmingham in late December. They have to block better and I know nothing about Coastal, but I'm pretty dam sure their D-line is not nearly as formidable as any other team on our schedule.

*Geno needs to make good decisions. If he is locking in on his #1 target rushing his passes, in this game, it could be a rough season and definitely a rough beginning to the season.

*The pass rush needs to come alive. How many games did we watch last year with dudes just sitting back there forever until one of their receivers came open. I know that Scooter being in there has something to do with this...or the lack of scooter. However, I don't think CC will be able to run on them so they will have plenty of opportunity to get to the QB on the ground.

*I don't want to say it but if they run a kick past the 40 I might just explode....I know its a whole lot to ask, but if we could kick off and actually get him down around the 20 it would awesome. I know...I'm a dreamer.

* Big Crowd.......I get the emails and they are pimping tickets like a hard cock on prom night, but come one. Its a long weekend, weather will be great, and there is little chance you will see the boys lose.

Montani Semper Liberi